This Is Kim!

I am a wife, mom, grandma and retired Probation and Parole Agent after 20 years. I  have heard and seen everything from my personal to my professional life. Nothing can  shock me! I create an environment that is relaxed and trusting so we can build better and stronger relationships between young people, students, staff, parents and the community. 

I deliver presentations, workshops, and seminars that educate everyone where they are  at on their own awareness journey through real life examples, scenarios, and guest  speakers. Giving young people the opportunity to have a feeling of belonging and being  understood with these transformational learning tools and motivational interviewing  techniques.  

We need to build a place of healthy minds, bodies and education. Empowering young people by giving them a path to their future.  

Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are and  your reputation is what others think you are.