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Transforming classrooms by connecting the law and criminal justice system to the lesson plan.  Understanding Restorative Justice encourages young people to resolve conflict on their own, with other students, staff, and parents.

Restorative Mindset with Reality Check by Kim

Restorative Mindset is a program that helps individuals recognize and avoid negative behavior patterns that lead to more problems.  The Youth Life Coach supports youth to evaluate choices, improve knowledge of self, and assess situations using logic rather than emotions.  Youth receive tailored mentorship and real-life tools to guide them to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

Reality Check by Kim Lecture Series

This Lecture Series is a program that provides information, advice and tools on real topics to help students navigate through complex situations.  It provides honest real examples from experiences of self and others to hold audience attention and impact a future decision.  Each topic is designed for the appropriate age group in the lecture series.  Groups are Grades 3rd – 5th, 6th – 8th, and 9th – 12th.  This will consist of a series of discussions on specific topics to a group of students for 45 minutes with a 15 minute discussion to follow.